I have been seeing Dr. Nguyen for about 6 sessions. When I first came in, I could barely stand up to get out of my car. I just turned 43 in November of 2012; my body felt like it was 73 years old. I have had one fusion at L4-L5, and when I went back to the neursurgeon to let him know I was still in pain, his answer was to redo the surgery that had taken place in 2008. I was not going to have another back surgery. In December 2012 I was in a car accident that totalled my minivan. I now had pain all up and down my right leg and all around my hip area, and the car accident made my low back pain worse. Becase of Dr. Nguyen, I finally feel like I am almost on my way to feeling that there is hope for recovery. His chiropractic method is different than other chiropractors I have seen. Dr. Nguyen is also teaching me how to strengthen the back muscles, which is probably what should have been done in 2008, after recovering from my surgery. I recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone who has pain. I have seen a lot of Physical Therapists in town, at least two other chiropractors, one pain management doctor, and the only person who has truly helped me feel relief is Dr. Nguyen.

Date Written: 07 February 2013
Testimonial by: Jan Timm

I hwas livning in Miami from 1992 to 2004 and I have been treated for back pain issues since 1993 overthere. It always helped me to feel better. But it wan’t until I moved to San Antonio and started to get treated by Dr Nguyen when I actualy not only got better but also learn how to take care of my self. Dr Nguyen explained to me my case and the things I could do to prevent it. Thank you Dr Nguyen.

Date Written: 29 May 2012
Testimonial by: Luis Feliz